Welcome to Se7en's Homepage!

Special thanks to the Kool Kids Klub for giving me a sub-directory here.

Welcome to my webpage.

My name is Se7en. You can read more about me in the about section.

No political party, organization, group, or anything else is represented here.

This site is designed to host my articles, my essays, etc. to share privacy-conscious observations, and report news that might not have reached the mainstream media-bias news. The reason for the simplicity of this site is because I do not like RUE designs. There is no need to have 45 thousand lines of JavaScript, and CSS that takes 6 minutes to load when all I have here is plain text in HTML Markup. This does not mean I am trying to make the site look "Retro" or old in any way. It is simplistic in design. I am still working on the over-all layout of the site . I refuse to make this site "Mobile-Friendly" due to my complete hatred of cellphones. This site is under various free/libre licenses.

My somewhat friend Shamonajac gave me access to his new VPS. I was previously hosting this site on neocities but lost my password store around mid-February of 2017 so I was unable to edit the site for a long time. I also was unable to download the site because Kyle Drake made directories 403. Now, after months of asking around, I was able to get this .zip back. I plan on doing a full rework of this site.

The contents of this website is copyrighted under various free-culture licenses, and they are declared on each page. I may change this declaration to a single page and a single license soon. I am undecided.

Note that due to real life constraints, I am slow to update this site now-a-days. I do wish to add to it soon, but expect long delays. I am at the time of writing this homeless (again) but not a bum! Quite honestly, I'm having a bit of fun being homeless, but I am not one of those idiots that thinks he is better off homeless. I have never begged, and often I am homeless with an odd job. Don't worry about me, I am fine.

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