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Special thanks to the Kool Kids Klub for giving me a sub-directory here.

URGENT to ALL users of the internet! The powers that rule the Internet are now engaging in massive censorship campaigns to censor the Internet. Stormfront, after 22 years, is now down. You read that right. The Daily Stormer is down too but is currently on a Tor hidden service. While shutting down the primary means of communication may not seem like a major strike, it is in the modern age of the digital world. In the modern life, the destruction of virtualized communication is our equivalent to a Cohen Act and resulting Gun Grab (see: The Turner Diaries by Prof. Dr. William Luther Pierce, PhD). Please ensure you work out alternative means of communication, both digital AND PAPER. Shit is actually hitting the fan, and the prepper's nightmare is coming close to reality. If 8chan gets taken down, that'll be a start of something that the world has never seen nor thought of. Be prepared for RL concequense to these virtual takedowns.
Back up all your things, ensure decentralization and distribution. First they tried defamation, then they are now trying censorship. The next logical step (as history shows) is purges such as the Stalinist purges of the '30s. This will not happen until after the mass censorship.
They did not realize this but they're forcing us to become reactionaries hitherto we were casually spreading information and philosophy we believed in. Now we're moving to an underground. Will this be our Chinese Invasion? Too early to tell. Just prepare. This is not a joke, this is not a LARP, I am being sincere here. Prepare, back-up, distribute. "First they came for The Daily Stormer...."
Remain anonymous, remain decentralized.
— Se7en, 28 August, 2017

Welcome to my webpage.

My name is Se7en. You can read more about me in the about section.

No political party, organization, group, or anything else is represented here.

This site is designed to host my articles, my essays, etc. to share privacy-conscious observations, and report news that might not have reached the mainstream media-bias news. The reason for the simplicity of this site is because I do not like RUE designs. There is no need to have 45 thousand lines of JavaScript, and CSS that takes 6 minutes to load when all I have here is plain text in HTML Markup. This does not mean I am trying to make the site look "Retro" or old in any way. It is simplistic in design. I am still working on the over-all layout of the site . I refuse to make this site "Mobile-Friendly" due to my complete hatred of cellphones. This site is under various free/libre licenses.

My somewhat friend Shamonajac gave me access to his new VPS. I was previously hosting this site on neocities but lost my password store around mid-February of 2017 so I was unable to edit the site for a long time. I also was unable to download the site because Kyle Drake made directories 403. Now, after months of asking around, I was able to get this .zip back. I plan on doing a full rework of this site.

The contents of this website is copyrighted under various free-culture licenses, and they are declared on each page. I may change this declaration to a single page and a single license soon. I am undecided.

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