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1f ur n0t a k00l k1d pls g0 aw4y fr0m the k1ub...

  The KKK or Kool Kids Klub, commonly spelled in leetspeak as K00l K1d5 K1ub, is an
Internet hacking organization. Its only official purpose are to have fun, and to protect
free expression on the web.
  The KKK is in no other way a political or criminal organization, and will in no case
constitute a personal army for anyone.
  The KKK was founded in June 2017 by two Rizon users from the channel #/tech/, dedicated
to discussion related to /tech/, the 8chan technology board.

How do I join the KKK?

First steps - Getting our attention
  In order to join the KKK, you must earn the trust of a KKK member, preferably one of the
older ones. This means you have to know your shit about the KKK, agree with its core
ideals of free software, information and speech, and absolutely avoid to get in a feud
with any existing KKK member. When in doubt about anything, use common sense and behave
as an adult person.
  The core skill of any klubsman (read: KKK member) is being able to reason by himself and
knowing where to find any required information. This means a klubsman has to be reasonably
tech-savvy (we won't ask you to hack your way into the CIA, don't worry) and autonomous.
Once, and if, the KKK sees you as a potentially fitting member, you might be asked whether
you want to join us or not.
  Asking "can I join the KKK?" the first time we see you is a guarantee you will never get

  Once you have expressed your desire to join us, we will evaluate your skills and get to
know you a bit more. This process is intentionally not described here.

Being a KKK member
  Congratulations! You have joined the KKK! You are now a full member and will have a shell
access to the KKK mainframe, the KKK IRC network, and many more services. Most of all, you
will be part of our community, participate in our hacking or gaming events, etc.

What can I not do as a KKK member?
  Your main obligation is to keep the KKK out of trouble, especially when it comes to law
enforcement. Get the cops on us and we will cut all contact we have with you.
  You are also expected not to stir internal drama. This means being friendly towards all
other KKK members, regardless of what you think about them. This means not sending private
messages in the style of "hey X, I think Y is a dumbass". This means not insulting anyone
ever inside the KKK (unless shitposting of course).
  Revealing confidential information to the outside world is also a way to get yourself
thrown out of the KKK. This means doxing KKK members, publishing their personal documents,
  Of course, trying to damage the KKK mainframe or obtain unauthorized access is strictly
  When in doubt, Common Sense(tm) is your best friend.